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The rise in popularity of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), or drones, over the past years comes as no surprise, they?re great fun to fly and when you strap a camera to them they can deliver some stunning aerial imagery. Using drones for aerial filming was a logical step when they started to carry heavier weights, there is even talk of amazon using drones for same day delivery! Below we outline the benefits of using a drone for aerial photography or aerial filming:


To fly a UAV for commercial aerial filming purposes in the UK the pilot needs to have a BNUC-S licence from the CAA. Safety is at the forefront of Heliview?s drone operations, extensive training and adhering strictly to industry guidelines pilots can deliver safe but beautiful aerial photography and aerial videography. ?Be sure you look out for a company who has Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW) from the CAA so you can be sure the pilot is flying legally, has received extensive training and is in control of the drone at all times. With built in fail safe mechanisms the UAVs adhere to?strict industry regulations and ensure safety for everyone involved.

Zero carbon emissions

Who doesn?t want to save the planet?! With zero emissions using battery-powered drones for aerial photography, they can provide an environmentally friendlier alternative to aerial filming?than fixed-wings or helicopters.


Tight location? Indoors? Drones can be utilised in areas where it just isn’t feasible to use a helicopter or aeroplane; low altitude flying, flying close to buildings and livestock, the possibilities are endless when using a drone for aerial filming!

Minimal interference

Downwash is the change in direction of air from a helicopter rotor blade, UAVs have next to no downwash and very little noise. Therefore using UAVs?for aerial photography is more peaceful for all parties involved, allowing them to be used near animals and on sites such as archaeological digs.

Convenient set-up

Flight is possible within 10 minutes from nearly any location. The size of the drone allows it to be packed away and carried anywhere a person can go.


The use of UAVs should compliment and be incorporated into aerial filming, not replace it fully. ?There are just some shots or situations where a person in a helicopter, with a camera, delivers the best results for aerial photography and filming. ?Check back on this blog soon?when we will look through the benefits?of aerial photography from a helicopter or plane instead of a drone.   SHARE ON:
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